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Maker and Role
Unknown Maker
Mid 19th Century
Object Type
Brass, bronze
203 3/16" (516.1cm)
Powder flask making was heavily industrialized by the mid-1800s. Factories throughout England, France, and the United States produced thousands of flasks for European and American customers. As mass production increased, some factories ceased labelling their products. The makers of unlabeled flasks, such as this item, can be difficult to identify. However, by analyzing flask designs and materials, it is possible to determine where most unlabeled flasks were made. For example, the relatively low quality of this flask’s construction suggests that it was made in Birmingham, England for the American market. The unique bush design further suggests a likely English origin.

Gunpowder was sold in bulk and gunpowder flasks were used to carry gunpowder when out in the field.
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